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The city of Ashguard is the crowned jewel of the Confederation of Free Lords; and considered by many, the world. It is the international center of popular culture (Freemen culture), the arts, academics, political and military power,

Etymology Edit

When Chief Onir first led the migration of the Northern Clans of Danmar to Zayemla. Word spread quickly of the Danmaris' arrival on Zayemla among the native Dush'agi tribes; but fear spread twice as quickly. An ancient Dush'agi prophecy foretold the arrival of demons from the North who would drive all of the Dush'agi out of Zayemla. As they fled their way south, away from the ravaging Dushagi horde, they eventually made their way to Arathys Lake, where they met a small hunting party of Asadiri Elves. Believing the Danmari were the lost cousins of all elven kind, they rendered them assistance by leading Chief Onir’s people through the Amithrian Mountains, all the way to the Valadria Hills. It is here, when Chief Onir, and a handful of the tribe’s best warriors decided to hold off the Dushagi advance; while Onir’s son, the legendary Chief of the Hills, (known as Skalid at the time) led the Danmari people to safety.

It is the battle at the Valadria Hills that sparked the raging animosity between Man and Dragon that would ensue for hundreds of years after. According to Danmari oral tradition, the number of Danmari warriors that stayed behind to fight, including Onir, is set at 103, and the number of Dushagi (who were also physically superior) is set to be at least 700. The only account of the event is told by Sadrys Anur, one of the Asadiri Elves who helped the Danmari. He records the following passage in his journal about the battle:

"… Our lost kin fought with ferocity and zeal, surprising even the mighty Dushagi, with their flawlessly natural affinity for the blade and the spear, as well as courage that none in Zayemla save my kin, have ever rendered towards these beasts. O how they fought their enemies knowing they were shoulder to shoulder their king. "

However, the Dushagi are still superior. They are bigger, faster, stronger, and even bear the divine gift of the Breath of Fire. For every Dushagi struck down, four of Onir’s men fell with him. The battle was not long. I only counted an hour before our kin’s blood flooded those sacred hills.

Economy Edit

Ashguard’s major exports are: precious metals (copper, iron, gold, silver) and agriculture.

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The bulk of Ashguard’s military consists of well organized citizen militias that are stationed in each district of the city, as well as rural communities outside the city walls. The government seat of the city itself, however, maintains its own standing army.

This is very typical of Freemen culture, for historically, their armies were not professional in nature, but tribal. Being a soldier was not a profession, but a calling from the gods, but also one of a man's "inalienable duties" to his family, and his tribe.

There are nine main independent militias, each run by Freemen families, who can trace their bloodline back to one of the many heroes of Danmari culture.

  1. House of Raziri - 2,000 retainers garrisoned at the Amithrian Pass
  2. House of Savir - 1,500 retainers patrolling the surrounding countryside of Ashguard
  3. House of Braud - 3,500 retainers garrisoned at the walls of Ashguard
  4. House of Yerin - 800 retainers patrolling the surrounding countryside of Ashguard
  5. House of Byek - 200 retainers garrisoned
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The Army Edit

The Army is the smallest branch of Ashguard’s organized, national military. However, utl. Within city-state borders, it is primarily tasked with patrolling and securing the international borders of Ashguard. The estimated number of The Army’s man-power is around 2,000.

The Ashguard City Watch Edit

The City Watch is the largest branch of Ashguard’s military. Its primary mission is to maintain and enforce civil order and repel invasions on the city itself. The City Watch’s estimated man-power is at around 5000

The Ashguard City Watch is renowned throughout the confederation for its training and discipline, and is one of the few military entities within the Confederation of Free Lords with offensive and defensive capabilities.